Why The Sabbatical X?

We believe...  

...This point is usually when people reach a crossroad in their lives; an emotional trigger that makes one think about the next chapter of his or her life.

...Those who are blessed to have this opportunity will find an unbelievable reinvigoration to their heart, mind, body, and soul.
...People will realize that the most compelling life they have to live is their own. Why not live it to the fullest, and put them on a path to becoming their best - in all aspects of their life.
...The path to becoming our best is simply awe inspiring. Aren't we all attracted to and respect those individuals who get it in all aspects of their lives?
...Ultimately, this introspective journey will challenge you to not only become your best, but to also define your legacy, and to begin to live it now.

...The opportunity to put ourselves on a path to realizing our full potential is available to all of us.  Few are willing to take the time, to invest in themselves and to make the necessary changes in their life to live...

That opportunity is here for you now.


To attend you must...  

...want to learn about yourself.

...need to be open-minded to reflection.

...be authentic in how you feel.  No time to bluff.

...need to be committed and serious about becoming your best - in all aspects of your life.

...be committed to change.

...be prepared to learn.

...be willing to make a significant investment in time and dollars in yourself.

... be willing to help others learn and grow.