Our Client Successes

Our clients include some of the best financial services leaders in North America and globally.  

Common to each of our clients is their hunger to get better.  Most know that they are successful despite their inability to tell clients what they do.  Pusateri's clientele look to create advantages in the long-term, through intensive engagement.

We take great pride in knowing that, for some of our clients, the work we step them through remains central throughout their careers.  For some, it bleeds into their lives outside of the office as well.

**Please note: In a hyper-compliant financial services world, we cannot mention names. However please see a few of our most recent anonymous testimonials and feel free to contact Pusateri to discuss how we have helped these companies and individuals further.



"I would like to send my sincere thank you and gratitude for such a wonderful presentation you made to our study group.  The word that best describes the experience is AWESOME!  We also very much appreciated how you personalized and customized your presentation for our group, and we thank you for taking the time and preparation.”"
-President, Confidential North American Investment Advisory and Financial Service Company
"2013 was my best year in my 31 year career.  As I have said to many colleagues, taking 7 Pillars was the best investment made in my career as it reinforced why & how I do what I do, and it provided me with the confidence to say no to situations that would otherwise have me dilute my value."
- Investment Advisor, Confidential Canadian Investment Firm
"What an experience.  One way to sum it all up is via a short story.  I was at a Bruce Springsteen concert this past Saturday night and in the middle of a three hour performance I found myself going up and down both sides of the value ladder reciting all the steps.  If that wasn't bad enough I started going over business beliefs and process...at that point my wife turned to me and asked me what I was thinking about - I guess it was obvious my mind was somewhere else.....I have been "Pusatized"
-Senior Vice President, Confidential North American Financial Service Company
"Thank you for providing me the unique opportunity to benefit from the expansiveness of "Discovering Your Value".  I mentioned that this was somewhat aspirational professionally for me because I have been struggling with articulating and building an answer to "what I do"; simply because of the random nature of referrals and projects that I received from 30 years of working with people from such diverse backgrounds. So,  I did not audit the course.  I did not observe the course.  I dug in and I am better for it. You have an outstanding team and dynamic story."
- President, Confidential North American Wealth Management Firm
"Leo is like the postman: He always delivers.  He is of high integrity, he has unbounded enthusiasm for what he does, which is very contagious.  I've been in meetings with him where I've wanted to "sign up" immediately---he is that good. He knows his craft better than anyone else in the business. If someone really wants to be successful in the financial services arena, then Leo is a "must" as a mentor for that person."
- President, Confidential North American Investment Firm