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White Paper 1 -
Pricing Integrity

"Pusateri Consulting and Training has worked with investment advisors (IAs) throughout North America to answer the simple questions: What is your price? Have you priced your value fairly, fully and with integrity? How advisors discuss value and price with clients is one of the most important business skills they can develop. Some IAs do a remarkably good job of articulating both. However, most advisors still "wing" pricing discussions, which opens the door to a whole host of avoidable problems. It is has consequences on the profitability of IAs and, by extension, their firms"

White Paper 2 -
How Big Is Your Triangle?  Is it Balanced?

In our previous whitepaper, we defined Pricing Integrity as a function of three factors: fairness, consistency and transparency. We discussed why pricing integrity eludes many financial advisors. In this second in the series, we present the Value Price Perception™ triangle, a simple construct that some of the most successful financial advisors in North America have used to set their pricing, and manage their value and pricing strategies"