Our Unique Value Proposition...

"Empowering organizations and individuals to discover, articulate and capitalize on their unique value"

We work with few individuals and few firms to challenge them to know, price, articulate and ultimately capitalize on their unique value.  By taking a no-shortcuts approach, and working only with a handful of committed leaders, firms and individuals, we move the needle on stubborn metrics.  We do this by asking offensively simple, but deceptively difficult questions:  Why should I work with you?  What makes you different?  Step me through how you would provide value not just at the outset of a relationship, but throughout the relationship.  How have you priced and how do I know it's a fair price?

In financial terms, we drive seven-and eight-figure "lifts" for organizations that make six- and seven-figure investments in their top talent. 

In non-financial terms, our work is enormously gratifying.  Our work reinvigorates culture.  It leads already successful people to get to the essence of what they believe. We believe,

  • You need to KNOW your value
  • You need to be able to PRICE your value
  • You need to be able to SELL your value
  • You need to ultimately LIVE your value

"We help organizations and individuals to go from GOOD to GREAT to EXTRAORDINARY and ultimately becoming their BEST as it relates to competing on VALUE.
We help them raise their levels of CONFIDENCE, find or re-ignite their PASSION and learn how to improve their SPEED (Lack of hesitation in response).
Ultimately, it's all about WINNING, in life and in business"

- Leo Pusateri