The Sabbatical X...

Would YOU be intrigued to get the equivalent of a master's degree for your LIFE?

Or maybe you extend your education on YOU with the pursuit of your doctorate degree. Your thesis is affectionately titled...

The Story of My Life

What I will need to do to be my best and to live my legacy...

Could it be eventual New York Times best-seller and must-read for your family and friends?  It's possible, if you want to work on the most compelling story that you know better than anyone:  that's the story of YOU.

The Sabbatical Experience was developed by President and Founder of Pusateri Consulting and Training, Leo Pusateri.  It is a truly unique introspective program designed to help you through the process of your own self actualization.  The program has been designed for elite performers: the top 1%.  The most committed/dedicated/serious individuals who have achieved extraordinary things are in pursuit of being their best, in all aspects of their lives.


The Sabbatical X...Unique Value Proposition 

(What does The Sabbatical X do for people?)

We touch the heart, mind, body, and soul of successful individuals who arecommitted to becoming their best in all aspects of their lives.

Who is "we"? Founder, Leo Pusateri; additional memberothe teaare an extraordinary faculty, coaches who are qualifieand impressive individualfrom varying walks of life, and a supporteathat knows whaitakes to deliver a world-class experience.

How do we touch the heart of someone? By unzippinthe imaginary zipper oone'chest,reaching in througthrighquestions, coaching and facilitating ttruly connectone's emotions. It's crucial to knowhabuttontpusanthprograhabeen designetpusthem.

How do we touch the mind of someone? Connecting intellectuallthrougquestions, individual and team-based discoveries, reflection, and learning opportunities, while creating new insights and increased self awareness. Coachinand deep inner thought (meditation) will help us touch the mind.   Successfupeople like intellectuastimulation; we get them thinkinabouwhathey've learnefrotheir succesanwhathey are passionate about going forward. 

How do we touch the body of someone? In order for you to be your very best and to live your legacy, it's crucial to take better care of yourself; it is paramount, so we discuss reflection points of what you are currently doing to take care of your health. These discussion points, plus the importance of nutrition, are addressed in the program. 

How do we touch the soul of someone? It'the combinatioothheart, mind, and body connecting and taking an individual to places thareside deep within uallIt's that spirit, that inner sense opurpose, and belief thatruly defines uall.

What does becoming your best require? It's a lifelonquestgo down thpatof learning and discovery. Yofocuevery daothings thamakyobetter.  You are constantlpushinthe envelope doineverythinyou cantbbetter aeverythinyou do.

What do you mean "all aspects of your life"? Think of every role you play out in your life. You are a spouse or significanother,son or daughter, a friento many, a possible brother or sister, a member owork familand a member oa community; imaginethe effort required tbyour best in all thesareas; what a legacyou would be creating.

How do you define extraordinary? Individualwharotootheir game have a presenceaaura, a world-clasreputation, and provide you witgoosbummoments,and instanreplamoments in their life. Better thagood;better thagreat. You knowhen you're around them and they know it too.

How do you define a successful individual?  A person who has achieved the full potential in his or her life. They have also madea difference in the lives oothers.