Specific Ideas

Can you answer these questions?

Do you want to get your doctorate degree in Competing on Value?
It's the Pusateri version of becoming world-class in truly differentiating your organization, distinguishing yourself and/or team members, standing out in a crowd, and pricing your value with integrity and getting closer to your most valued clients that you've ever been before.
There is no equivalent curriculum in the world (at least we haven't competed against one yet!)  Let us help to get you on the path to Olympian status.  Let us help you to win.
Are you guilty of the following?
  • Winging It?
  • A client saying, "I didn't know you did that.
  • Experiencing an absolutely inability to squeeze someone's heart?  That's right, not enough emotional connection. 
Listen, we mean really listen, really understanding.  Get deeper.  Squeeze harder. 
This is what we teach.  And a lot more.  Let us help you to eradicate these sales diseases.
No more winging it!
No more uncertainty in the value you provide.
No more missed opportunities to truly connect with your clients.