Pusateri in your workplace

Multi-year strategic initiatives:  Where we become practically part of the company, move the needle on stubborn metrics and change cultures.  

Keynotes - Need a motivational and inspirational boost to your program? We can help. 

Seminars - Usually 2-6 hours, we begin to take a deeper pe into our proprietary material. These sessions are more engaging, interactive and challenge participants to work on important parts of their differentiation and pricing strategy.

Workshops - One to two days in length, we roll up our sleeves (and you roll up yours) and really start to make a big difference in your group's way of differentiating their business from everyone else's.

Customized Coaching Initiatives (for Inpiduals and/or Teams) - Whether you choose a seminar or workshop, they're both made much stronger with ongoing coaching. With a talented and deep roster of coaches, we can develop a one-on-one coaching program to continue the work that was started in the larger group.

Pricing: *Contact us for specific pricing details.  (716) 631-9860