Ideal Candidate?

Do you exude these key points below?  

(Once you have spoken with your personal Sabbatical X Concierge, please click here to take our Sabbatical X Questionnaire)

1. Have a lot, achieved a lot, and are wondering what's next in your career or your life?

2. Reached a position in yourself that you know internally, you have been successful.

3. Are in search of meaning; something is not being met in your life.

4. Have plateaued, but have another burst of opportunity or passion within; or even a new direction

that you are seeking.

5. Have never had a chance to take a business/life time-out (Sabbatical).

6. Are feeling a need to do this for you! You know there is an opportunity for you to be happier and more fulfilled.

7. Feel a sense of emptiness or void in your life - something is missing or not aligned with your heart, soul, and


8. People who really want to be there, who can't wait to get there, and want to be in the company of people who

are as committed as they are to be there