Our Process

Pusateri forms multi-year relationships with companies and individuals.  We work with all key levels of an organization to see how value is perceived internally and by clients.  We have found one aspect of our work is most critical to the success of the engagement: senior leadership involvement.  By this, we do not mean fly-by endorsements at the start of a program, while quickly disappearing to catch a flight. Our process requires leadership as well as key client facing representatives, product/ marketing team members to roll up their sleeves and slog out answering eight questions for which clients deserve - and demand - great answers.


Need a motivational and inspirational boost to your program? We can help.


Usually 2-6 hours, we begin to take a deeper dive into our proprietary material. These sessions are more engaging, interactive and challenge participants to work on important parts of their differentiation and pricing strategy.



One-two days in length, we roll up our sleeves (and you roll up yours) and really start to make a big difference in your group's way of differentiating their business from your competitors'

Customized Coaching Initiatives

Whether you choose a seminar or workshop, they're both made much stronger with ongoing coaching. With a talented and deep roster of coaches, we can develop a customized group coaching experience around our key principles of knowing, pricing and selling your value.

These assignments typically run for six-twelve months. These may be a combination of in-person sessions and remote coaching. While wealth advisors or teams at any stage of their careers can benefit from these engagements, most coaching clients are wealth advisory teams in the top quartile of production, with an established client base, but who have an appetite to get better and strive to get clearer and more consistent on their value articulation and pricing discipline. 

*Contact us for more details on any program along with pricing options.

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