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BRAND NEW - White Paper 4 -
The Game Has Changed

"Business has virtually come to a stop and I ask myself daily, what can I control as a business leader during an environment of total unknowns, uncertainty and ambiguity? What can you control? How can we continue to add value to our valued clients during this period? How can we come out of this crisis as stronger leaders and create even stronger firms for years to come? How can we enhance our virtual productivity? Let’s stop there for now."


White Paper 3 -
Quantifying Your Value

"Asserting value is no longer enough. Provable, measurable results – showing that your real value is at a multiple to the cost of
working with you – should be the new norm in wealth services.   

Top financial professionals routinely generate unmeasured ROI for clients that would take decades for clients to realize by investing in markets."

White Paper 2 -
How Big Is Your Triangle?  Is it Balanced?

In our previous whitepaper, we defined Pricing Integrity as a function of three factors: fairness, consistency and transparency. We discussed why pricing integrity eludes many financial advisors. In this second in the series, we present the Value Price Perception™ triangle, a simple construct that some of the most successful financial advisors in North America have used to set their pricing, and manage their value and pricing strategies"

White Paper 1 -
Pricing Integrity

"Pusateri Consulting and Training has worked with investment advisors (IAs) throughout North America to answer the simple questions: What is your price? Have you priced your value fairly, fully and with integrity? How advisors discuss value and price with clients is one of the most important business skills they can develop. Some IAs do a remarkably good job of articulating both. However, most advisors still "wing" pricing discussions, which opens the door to a whole host of avoidable problems. It is has consequences on the profitability of IAs and, by extension, their firms"


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Featured Articles, Radio Spots & Video

September 2020 - Ultimate Advisor Coaching Podcast


  • Bryan Sweet, Founder and CEO - Sweet Financial

Featuring Pusateri Consulting & Training's, President & Founder, Leo Pusateri 

Click to hear episode: "‘Discovering Your Value With Leo Pusateri"

Quote: Bryan Sweet:“One of the things that I think is happening today, and you'll see more of it down on the road is the issue of discounting your fees. And you have a lot of material created around pricing, according to your value. So how can advisors confidently communicate their pricing strategy so they don't fall into that discount trap?" 

Excerpt: Bryan Sweet: “In this episode of The Ultimate Advisor Podcast, Bryan sits down with published author, president, and owner of Pusateri Consulting, Leo Pusateri . In today’s episode, we delve into Leo’s three part process of uncovering, pricing, and selling your value.  We discuss the importance of aligning yourself emotionally with your clients to help them feel confident and commit to you. We go over a series of unique questions you need to answer to differentiate your business, elevate your confidence, and pursue excellence in the way you articulate your value. We take a deeper dive into Leo’s material around how to go about pricing according to your value so that it’s fair, transparent, and consistent, as well as leveraging and scaling your value via attention and growth through each client. Leo talks about his program, The Sabbatical Experience, that he has developed for high performing professionals to come together to talk about important life issues, reach their full personal potential, and start living their legacy. So, push PLAY and join us as we jump into discovering your value to gain confidence, connect with your clients, create differentiation, and ultimately take your business to the next level!" 

April 2020 - Becoming Referable Podcast


  • Julie Littlechild, Founder and CEO - Absolute Engagement
  • Stephen Wershing, President - The Client Driven Practice

Featuring Pusateri Consulting & Training's very own President & Founder, Leo Pusateri 

Click to hear episode: "‘The Game Has Changed’ what’s going on with the coronavirus pandemic and how to act now"

Quote: “There’s a zipper on a client’s chest. We need to unzip that zipper and squeeze their heart more and keep the products and services in our back pocket. Our empathy meters right now need to be going through the roof.” 

Excerpt: Steve Wershing: “On this episode, we welcome back to the program, Leo Pusateri, President and CEO of Pusateri Consulting. Leo was recognized as one of the leading experts on defining and pricing your value. In that role, he has worked with some of the top advisors and some of the biggest institutions on the North American continent. But the occasion of bringing him back is his publication of a new paper, The Game Has Changed, his response to what’s going on with the coronavirus pandemic. In it, he lays out 10 principles for making sure that you are reinforcing, in fact even increasing, your value to clients, and the kinds of things you need to do to make sure you are taking care of your clients, taking care of your team members, and taking care of yourself.” 

January 2020 - The Next Frontier with Bill Coppell


  • Bill Coppel, First Clearing Chief Client Growth Officer

Featuring Pusateri Consulting & Training's very own President & Founder, Leo Pusateri 

Click to hear episode: "The Next Big Project Is You"

Quote: Leo Pusateri: “Do you have an ongoing commitment to be your best? Are you seeking continued inspiration yourself as an advisor or a client? Are you wondering what’s next? Still curious, committed, or challenged to be your best?.” 

Excerpt: Bill Coppel: “It’s no secret that we live in a 24/7 world today. And because we’re in constant motion, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important in our lives. While technology has, in many ways, made life easier and more efficient, we find ourselves spending most of our time doing, and virtually no time being. ” 

July 2019 - Becoming Referable Podcast


  • Julie Littlechild, Founder and CEO - Absolute Engagement
  • Stephen Wershing, President - The Client Driven Practice

Featuring Pusateri Consulting & Training's very own President & Founder, Leo Pusateri 

Click to hear episode 67: "Leo Pusateri on YOU, the Advisor"

Quote: “We have all built up our own success in our own ways, we have our clients… but at some point, your next big project is YOU.” 

Excerpt: Julie Littlechild: “[This podcast] reflects on the latest work which is squarely focused on you as an advisor and how you can design the next phase of your business, and your life, to reflect your most significant goals. I really believe that this is a critical conversation for this industry and one that we don’t have often enough.  Leo starts with the idea that your next big project is you and then walks you through the seven areas that he believes we all need to examine in order to live lives of significance.” 

June 2019 - The Next Frontier with Bill Coppell


  • Bill Coppel, First Clearing, Chief Client Growth Officer

Click to hear episode: "The Next Big Project is About You"

In this episode you will hear:

  • Seven key emotions every advisor should explore
  • What’s causing the “communication illness” in our industry
  • How deep, personal introspection can make you a better advisor

Excerpt: Many advisors are at a crossroads in their careers and are wondering what’s next. Consultant Leo Pusateri believes advisors must spend time looking inward in order to have authentic relationships with clients. In this episode, he and host Bill Coppel – Managing Director & Chief Client Growth Officer at First Clearing – explore how gaining a better understanding of their own emotions can help advisors redefine their value.


August 2013 - Article

Wealthcare Way Journal 

Article: "Squeeze the Heart"  - By Leo Pusateri

"Listen before you are listened to." 

Excerpt: Whether I am talking to advisors during training sessions or whether it is advisors talking with their clients, we must all learn to listen well and make emotional connections.  From listening, communication and observations, I have uncovered a very real communication "illness" in our industry.  What do I mean?  (Click the image to the right to read the full article)


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July 2013 - Radio Blog

Connie Kadansky-President of Exceptional Sales Performance

Featuring Pusateri Consulting & Training's very own President & Founder, Leo Pusateri & More...

Audio Blog: "How to Differentiate Yourself in the Crowded Marketplace"

Excerpt: Many salespeople are falling into the commodity trap and they don't know their value.  If you don't know your value, you cannot sell your value.  All salespeople will agree to this, however, it can be difficult to settle down and do the work to differentiate yourself in the midst of the crowd.

Our guest is Leo Pusateri, CEO of Pusateri Consulting & Training

Passionate, inspirational, and motivating are words many would use to describe Leo Pusateri. Affectionately known as the "value man" in the financial services industry, he is also recognized as the industry's premier thought partner of value-based training, not only by senior leaders in the C-suites, but among top advisors as well.

When it comes to knowing, pricing, selling, and "living" your value, Leo's time-honored and proprietary programs are in place around the world. This is a credible testament to his knowledge capital that he enthusiastically shares with clients. He has traveled the globe from Singapore to Spain, from Vancouver to Zurich, New York City to London, and from beautiful Buffalo to San Francisco—among other spots in and outside of the U.S. His travels find him working with senior leadership teams to financial entrepreneurs who represent broker-dealers, RIAs, investment management firms, private banks, family offices, insurance companies and others. Through Leo's robust training programs with clients around the globe, firms have endorsed Leo's skill set as the absolute best-in-class in bringing value-based training to the table.


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May 2013 - Article 

CPA InsiderTM

Article: To outgrow your competition, know your competition - By Leo Pusateri

Editor's note: This column is an excerpt from the book, You Are the Value, by Leo Pusateri.

I'm often told when I conduct sessions that I shouldn't spend much time talking about what makes my client's firm different from the competition. It often doesn't crystallize for clients until we do a follow-up program that understanding the competition is, in fact, very important when it comes to differentiating yourself.

At the next session, I ask the leaders questions such as, "What makes you different from XYZ & Company?" That's when the firm leaders see their talented staff members fumbling for answers. 

CPAs need the language to answer this question with that discussing the competition is a good dialogue to have within the firm because they need insights into the competition when talking to potential clients. Unless they attend a session like mine, however, firm leaders and staff will seldom actually discuss the issue.


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