Discovering Your Value™

Do you know what makes you unique in a challenging and crowded marketplace? Do your clients know what makes you different? Can you articulate how you add value?

The Discovering Your Value™ experience will help you look at your business in a new and powerful way. We believe it's an effective solution that can have a measurable impact on your business. Whether you are a senior leader looking to create a substantial change in your organization's performance or an advisor who is dedicated to growing and differentiating your practice, the Discovering Your Value™ Experience has a proven track record of results. 

What is Discovering Your Value? 

Discovering Your Value™ is a strategic, multi-month initiative that begins with an introspective process that requires you to identify and describe your real value. Thousands of groups and individuals, from senior leadership teams to advisors have climbed our proprietary Value Ladder™, the core element within the program. (Click here to see the Value Ladder™). Through facilitated meetings and personal coaching participants develop and refine comprehensive answers to the 7 most compelling questions that are on the minds of their clients and prospects. These answers are internalized through articulation practice to provide participants with the ability to respond to a wide variety of questions and opportunities in a "world class"manner -- with confidence, passion and speed.

Why Discovering Your Value? 

We believe that an organization's value and culture is created in the relationships between advisors and their clients. Therefore...

  1. You must know your value before you can sell your value.
  2. To know your value you must go through an introspective discovery process to create your own emotional "Ahas!"
  3. Emotional "Ahas!," in essence, imply that you have to be convinced before you can convince others.
  4. You have to be confident if you expect others to make a confident business decision with you.
  5. To fully prepare yourself for a sales interaction, it is imperative you are "world class" conversant on your Value Ladder™.

Program Objectives

By the end of this experience, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the unique background of their organization, as well as the unique value they bring professionally and personally to prospects and clients.
  • Define and articulate their or their organization's Unique Value Proposition (UVP).
  • Identify their or their organization's business beliefs.
  • Illustrate their or their organization's new business relationship process.
  • Analyze their or their organization's retention and growth strategy.
  • Describe client successes and the impact they have had on the client.
  • Express ways in which they can differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • Identify what their or their organization stands for and how he/she can individually deliver these values.
  • Explore the "real value" the organization or they provide to prospects and clients.

The Program's Real Value

As Senior Management, you will:

  • Spearhead organizational change by positioning this program from the top down.
  • Be empowered to discover and draft organizational answers to the critical questions on the Value Ladder.
  • Uncover ways to make your sales and marketing organization more competitive.
  • Set the foundation for achieving bottom-line results.
  • Be viewed as an active player in shaping the performance culture of the organization.
  • Be a critical player in the coaching and reinforcing of organizational answers.

As a Financial Entrepreneur, you will:

  • Internalize your or your team's answers to the questions on the Value Ladder.
  • Identify your own value by answering the Value Ladder questions.
  • Learn to target Value Ladder answers to prospect and client questions with confidence, passion and speed.
  • Discover the unique value you provide to value-seeking prospects and what it can do for your organization.