NEW RELEASE: Your Next Big Project Is You

7 steps to self-discovery for successful people. 

"I have had the pleasure and privilege over my 42-year plus career to work with many Fortune 500 leaders and successful individuals from all walks of life. In 1992, I started a company with a very specific focus – help senior leaders and entrepreneurs in the financial services world win wealth management mandates. Plain and simple, built on a promise that you have to know your value in order to properly price and eventually sell your value.

My client list eventually included many names from top global financial services firms. These unbelievably successful people are under constant pressure to distinguish themselves. They need help standing out from the crowd by effectively positioning their value. I am proud that we helped them get all kinds of wins – new clients, new assets, greater revenues. 

Something interesting began to happen during our programs and coaching. The questions and the way they were being framed had our clients really thinking. Not just about differentiating themselves and learning how to stand out in a crowded, commoditized marketplace, but they also started to think about their own lives beyond business. The shift in their thinking began to focus not just on being their best at work but in all aspects of their lives.

Clients reported back, saying they loved our programs but needed and wanted more. Many were at a crossroads in their lives, unsure of their purpose, of “what it all meant.” Many wondered, what’s next? This feedback haunted me and kept me up at night and one thing definitely happened - this lit a fire in me.

I realized this was more than business consulting and training. This was a way to help highly successful people reconnect with the person they tend to neglect most often – themselves. What if we could send them on an introspective quest, exploring all the different roles of their lives? What if we could help them re-examine every aspect of themselves, re-explore their values, and not just define their legacies, but start living them? And that’s when we realized that YOUR NEXT BIG PROJECT IS YOU."

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