What makes your wealth firm's value proposition truly unique?

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Leo Pusateri: So what makes a value proposition truly unique? Let's break the three words down first. Value, we define as those services, those strategies, those solutions, that you deliver that can help someone to achieve their vision, the goals in their life, whatever it might be, right? Proposition, well, that's a proposal. So I'm proposing something to help you to achieve your goals. Well, what makes it unique? Well, our research tells us there's four specific things that makes a value proposition truly unique. 

First thing is that there's a story that supports the proposition. Why do you do what you do? How do you do what you do? You told me what you do, your value proposition, I want to know why you do it? And then how do you do what you do? How can I experience it? I want to know who you've done it for? I want to know what you think makes your proposition different? And I want to know ultimately, look me in the eye, net it out, why should I do business with you? To that point, in terms of has your value proposition been actualized, which is part of making it unique, right? That's the first thing. There's a story around it. It's supported. We call that our value ladder. There's seven questions, after that second one of what do you do? There's a series of questions you better be able to answer with the highest levels of confidence, passion, and speed. 

Second thing, you got to live this. This has got to be part of your DNA. I've always said that this should be like having an imaginary tattoo on your body someplace where this thing oozes out of you. So when people say, "Geez, what do you do?" Other people can relate it to somebody else. It's just, it's so apparent. You're living this stuff. I can feel. I can open up the zipper on your chest, and this thing as I look around your heart, there's these words that you've worked on. That's your value proposition. And the fact that you're living it really begins part of that uniqueness as well. 

The third area is that have you really made a difference in someone's life, in their family, helping to achieve their legacy, their wealth mandates, whatever it is? Can you go through that to show me that you truly have made a difference? 

And lastly, number four, can you prove it? Can you quantify it that you've made a real impact? That's what real value's all about. It's the achievement. I told you, I proposed this to you in my value proposition. What makes it unique is that what I told you I could do, in fact, happened. I can prove it. I can quantify it. 

Remember those four areas in terms of what makes a value proposition truly unique. That's what it's all about. 

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